Saturday, March 26, 2011

PHEW! We are exhausted!

Well guys, now that the hype from Transworld has died down our site has not! We've got some awesome changes for the website featuring an awesome Killer Klown grinning as he watches you shop!

A huge thanks to everyone who made our Transworld booth a huge hit, I know personally it was awesome to meet some of our amazing customers!

And now, our weekly update with new cool products we'd like to feature!

Electrocution Table Prop

Victim lays on table, then sparks start flying as he slams up and shakes violently while he screams bloody murder! Very realistic effect! Comes with Character, Pneumatics, Overhead light an metal rack, Wires, 2 strobes, controller and motion sensor. This is an amazing PLUG and PLAY prop, and we can even customize the heads to your needs! Just shoot us an email telling us!

This prop will scare the hell out of your patrons and NOT your wallet at it's price. Videos do not do this prop any justice!


Flying Vampire Prop

Lays on ground, then when activated rises up to 8' and swings left to right lunging at victims. A GREAT show stopper! Comes with Character, Pneumatics, Programed controller and motion sensor. PLUG & PLAY!

This prop is an AMAZING prop, it almost seems as if it has a mind of it's own! Watching this prop for the first time had me questioning if it was just an actor... somehow! Really amazing prop! 


... And if you still find yourself spreading your haunt budget thinly, take advantage of our coupon for 10% Off your entire order! Enter this code at checkout! HP2010R10

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