Friday, May 27, 2011

Post Apocalypse Post...

Hey guys! If you're reading this, you've survived the rapture! Congrats! 

Welcome to haunting season! It's felt like a long year, since the world didn't 
end then are off to a great start! Haunted Props is offering some awesome 
products for even more awesome prices! But something we've been talking a lot 
about is our projected effects. You saw us displaying them at Transworld, and I 
myself, Emu or Egore LOVE these. But I'm not the only one, recently the team who 
makes our DVD effects has been interviewed about their remarkable step in 
special effects. Here are some tidbits from them:

"It was only when someone passed a hand in front of the light source that it dawned on me the rats were actually a projected imagine; an extremely high-quality and three-dimensional image so realistic that I used collapsing into a chair in his booth as an excuse to start a conversation with Jon and learn more."
(A review by Sue Granquist on The Black Gate)

These Youtubes and articles provide an in-depth behind the scenes look
at video projection effects for Halloween and Haunts, with set-ups made
by Jon Hyers himself. Though each individual DVD product has it's own 
unique youtube demo, this News Coverage gives a lot of ideas on doing 
your own video projection set-up, and is well worth watching and reading. 

Isn't that amazing? Who thought a projector, a DVD player and a DVD could bring 
your haunt to the next level! 

On another note, we've had our preseason sale going on for a little while now. 
That's 13% off! Take advantage before it ends!! (Or the world does) *this offer 
excludes closeout and discontinued products*

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