Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coming soon....

... Well guys, the season has begun and we're off to an amazing start with some amazing news! Now, as many of you know we are located on Long Island, New York... In a tiny town called Deer Park. We have so many haunters near us, and a huge problem in buying props online is that you NEVER know the size, or how it'll execute in your scene.... Until NOW.

A Haunted Props Retail store WILL be popping up in our home town of Deer Park, New York. But we won't be like the pop-up stores you see locally, or your local big named party store. We will have almost 90% of our props in our retail location, displayed but in a new unique way. Everything will be set up in scenes, you'll be walking through a haunt, as you're shopping! Combining two of haunters favorite activities. Shopping for new props, and getting scared!

Now I know everyone is as excited as I am, but that's all I can tell you well, because the big named stores are currently banging down our warehouse door trying to prevent us from telling you, and creating this store. The details will be coming in 2 WEEKS, now pardon while we gear up the zombie horde!

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