Saturday, August 13, 2011

The birth of a monster...

No no, No one at our warehouse is pregnant, but something much bigger is happening! Some of our loyal fans have noticed we've changed addresses, moved to a bigger place. We needed to stretch these weary bones of ours. BUT even better then that, we're opening up a retail location! Imagine walking through a haunt, where if you dig in the drawers of each room, you could purchase the product making you CR@P your pants? Yeah! We love the idea also! That's why we're doing it... 

Our new home?

What will we be selling? Here's a list of the categories of what we'll be selling!

Animatronics, Antiques, With ALL of our Haunted Props, costumes, masks and all others! Our employees will be dedicated, actors scaring you, while making a memorable shopping experience! It's the first store of its kind, it's well worth a trip! :D

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