Friday, August 19, 2011

Grass for sale....

Now I promise I'm not trying to sell my lawn clippings... we are selling a cool camo grass used for haunts in those crazy confusing camo rooms... Avery outdoors has ventured deep into the jungles of Central America to bring you the finest woven grass mats ever offered Avery RealGrass is perfect for boat blinds, pit tops and duck blinds, Avery RealGrass mats can also be used to camo your deer stand as well as create the most effective ground blind you've ever seen Each Avery RealGrass mat is hand woven from slow-dried palm leaves, and the exclusive double-woven/double-knotted" backing creates the most durable grass mat ever produced commercially RealGrass mats can be cut to custom-fit your blind because they will never unravel. These Avery RealGrass mats blend perfectly with cattails, standing or cut cornfields, hay, wheat and barley fields and any other native grasses Each mat is woven 4' x 4', and the additional loose grass gives an overall height of approximately 5' Avery RealGrass is sold in packs of four (4) mats. Sold at $119.77

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