Thursday, July 16, 2015


We have excellent authentic looking quality custom gore props like:

Hanging Bloody Foot

Haunted houses usually aren't very scary for people over the age of twelve and you've been to dozens of them throughout the years just to entertain the thought of one actually scaring you even just a little. Unfortunately, none have met your standards of terror and you've decided to take matters into your own hands, so for Halloween this year, deck out your own haunted house and add these Hanging Bloody Foot props for the extra bit of terror and give scare-freaks what they're looking for with a fake foot severed at the ankle and hanging from a chained leg cuff.

Toilet Bowl Peel 'N Place Topper

Man, what did you eat? Have everyone reconsidering that dinner party when you lay down a Toilet Bowl Peel 'n Place Topper! These goofy decorations stick to the top of the toilet, making it look like a rotting hand is reaching up from the blood-filled bowl. Great for Halloween.

Hanging Bloody Arm

Of all the decorations and props you could use to set up the most frightening haunted house there ever was you're not getting very lucky because it's important to you that you find only the scariest furnishings to transform your home into a nightmarish wasteland. So after you've searched everywhere else visit us and get this Hanging Bloody Arm to add to your decorations that will scare the toughest guys out there with a severed hand dripping with blood and hanging from a rusty, cuffed, metal link chain. You will never have to worry about where to get the best Halloween props ever again after getting this gruesomely awesome piece.

Fake Body Parts

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun and break out all the bloody fake quality and unique body parts. You can get all the different fake body parts you need like arms, legs, hands, feet, torsos, severed heads, and you can even find them showcased in jars here on our site. We make sure that all the fake body parts you get from us are extremely realistic and look like they were just chopped off of the victim. These awesome fake body parts are going to make your spooky haunt the hit of the neighborhood. It’s easy to set up the perfect zombie, serial killer, or even mad scientist scene with these gruesome fake body parts

Bloody Severed Arm

Are you looking for Professional Gore Props a prop to use in your haunted house this Halloween to really scare your guests? If so, buy the Bloody Severed Arm! The arm, which is ripped from the body below the elbow, has a bone sticking out of one end with blood covering the skin around it. This is great for your haunted house, as an accessory to your Halloween costume, or as a decoration for your creepy Halloween party. If you love scaring your friends and family, then make sure you buy the Bloody Severed Arm today so that you can watch your guests squirm.

Big Brain Puppet Halloween Prop

Grotesque and scary looking, this puppet looks like he is not from this world.          

Body Parts for a Halloween Party:

Making or Buying Fake Body Part Want to go all-out with a gore fest?
 Severed heads, arms and other body parts for a Halloween party are the perfect thing to get your guests squealing with delight. Or disgust. And there are options for every Halloween decoration budget.


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