Thursday, August 13, 2015


For many people, visiting a haunted house on Halloween means finding a local attraction with performers and props intended to scare as many passersby as possible. However, some people prefer the thrill of visiting a real haunted house with documented paranormal activity to add to the excitement of this spooky holiday. Visiting a real haunted house over one with actors and props offers you several benefits, and it can help to know some details about these when you determine whether an authentic haunted house is the best option for you.

A Real Haunted House Has Documented Paranormal Activity

One of the most notable benefits of visiting a real haunted house instead of simply a Halloween attraction is that a truly haunted home has documented paranormal activity. Whether a family living in this home has experienced spirit activity or a paranormal investigative team has taken footage of the activity in the home, most haunted homes have documented details about the activity in the home and how frequently it occurs. In addition, you can usually find the history of a haunted location online, which can let you know the source of the haunting and what to expect when you visit.

A Real Haunted House Offers a Rich History

Another benefit you receive by choosing to visit a real haunted house over a Halloween attraction is that an authentic one usually has a long and rich history since most haunted locations are at least 75 years old. If you enjoy learning the history behind a haunting, learning about the various people that have lived in a certain haunted house and any deaths that have occurred that could contribute to the haunting can be fascinating. Knowing the history of a home can also help you know the type of paranormal activity to expect, since some paranormal experts claim certain homes contain benevolent spirits, whereas others contain evil ones.
For those that want an authentic thrill during the month of Halloween, visiting a real haunted house may very well provide you with one. Keep in mind, however, that choosing to visit a home with documented paranormal activity may result in danger in some cases, so you should always ensure you take precautionary measures when entering a haunted location.

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