Friday, August 28, 2015

Our ANIMATED CUSTOM CHARACTERS are Perfect for Getting Attention

 All animation is electromechanical.
Custom work is also available, be sure to ask for a quote.
 Our Animated People Custom Characters can be used for a number of types of businesses .... they are perfect for museums, store displays, schools, entertainment and amusement parks, and much more. Our Character Faces Come With Many Looks!     Click Here to Download our complete FACE GUIDE.   You can also customize the accessories, clothes and extra costumes for your character...  this way you can get the exact look you want.

Along with customizing the appearance of your custom character, you can also customize the animation of your character.  Whether it be, adjusting head movements, arm movements, eye movements, breathing, talking/mouth movements and more, we can accomodate your requests.  We set up 3 different price points for the different types of animations:
  • ECONOMY NON-ANIMATED CHARACTER: Comes with pants, shirt, boots & hat, durable polyurethane detailed hands - Animation is NOT available
  • BASIC TALKING CHARACTER: sitting character with talking function, eye movement, wireless microphone, digital audio unit #1 with motion detector and relay
  • DELUXE FULLY ANIMATED CHARACTER: sitting character with talking function, eye movement, arm movement, head movement, wireless microphone system 1 & 2 (two way system); digital audio unit #1 with motion detector and relay
ADDITIONAL ANIMATION and OPTIONS include customization are available. Please contact us for more details.

You can also add on electronic accessories like coin operation box, timers, microphones, remotes, sensor mats and more!  

We have so many different people characters as it is ... military, ethnic, pirates, wizards, cowboys, historic, etc .... and even funny characters, like this one.... Man in Outhouse.  And whats best is that our pricing for our custom animatronic people starts at only $495 for ANY Character!!!! 

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