Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FALL IS HERE ... that means get your evil Pumpkin on!

At we offer the largest selection of halloween props, animatronics, costumes, haunted house decorations and halloween accessories.  Now that fall has officially began, everyone starts thinking about pumpkins. I don't know about you, but we like our pumpkins haunted and scary!  Usually when you think about pumpkins you think about picking a pumpkin from a field or those cute pumpkin decorations smiling. Don't get us wrong, we offer those decorations and pumpkin decoration types as well, but we focus on Evil Pumpkins!  They give a unique twist to an already twisted holiday. Below are just a few Haunted Pumpkin Decorations and Animatronic Props.

The PUMPKIN KING Animatronic
When the Pumpkin King is at rest it appears to be a small cluster of trees framing a Giant Jack-o-lantern. When activated the Pumpkin King roars to life, the cluster of trees and vines actually transform to become The Pumpkin Kings’ arms, legs, chest and back as the character stands up to the incredible height of 17ft!

check the video out:

why buy a new pumpkin every year?  Get this pumpkin with its evil smile - Iluminupkin light up pumpkin prop

Airblown Pumpkin Reaper
Awesome Inflatable to put right on your front lawn!  10ft tall!  Sure to creep anyone out

The name says it all!  only $44!

Pumpkin Rotting Decor
Over-sized Plastic Pumpkin that can fit over a fog machine or strobe light, with cut-out sections for fog or light to flow out from.  only $32!

Be sure to check out all our haunted halloween decorations and gore props .... perfect for any haunted house or halloween decor!

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