Tuesday, April 5, 2016

End of Partnership Affiliation

Hauntedprops.com is no longer affiliated with Sean Hernandez and his company acorpsemaker.com. Unfortunately, products produced by Sean Hernandez and his companies were not shipped in a reasonable time frame (if at all) and when the products were shipped, the quality of the products was not acceptable based on customer feedback. The majority of customers who purchased products developed by acorpsemaker.com requested their money back (in the rare event the products were shipped by Sean Hernandez), hence why Hauntedprops.com dissolved their relationship with this company. Hauntedprops.com wants to protect their valued customers and ensure that all products of are of the highest quality and will only work with companies that are reliable and result in positive customer satisfaction. Please be advised that any products developed by acorpsemaker.com are of poor quality and will likely not be shipped. Hauntedprops’ goal is to protect their valued customers and we appreciate your continued trust and business.

1 comment:

  1. I found this post when searching for issues with Sean Hernandez and corpsemakerfx. I purchased items from Sean and despite countless communications he did not ship. He lied about shipping six times. His guys didn't ship. He just finished it. He was sick. In the end he kept the money which was over $150 and gave me nothing. This is a warning to others. He also has been delisted from eBay under the name sea.hern due to dubious practices and poor feedback. Just wanted to warn others who may stumble upon this as he is obviously untrustworthy.